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"The book is a series of experiences that should be shared with anyone facing true challenges and offers a better path: one filled with humor, courage, and faith."

Chip Bauder, JD, CPWA, Vice President, Raymond James Wealth, Retirement, & Portfolio Solutions

"God loves you. Don't let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise."

"Each day is a celebration of life and we decide if we'll join the party!"

"Each day is a celebration of life, and we decide if we'll join the party!"

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." - Psalm 118:24

You hear people say, "Just trust God." Le'ts be honest, trusting God seems easy, but when things get tough, it's harder than it looks. Think about it . . . how are we to trust God when attacked by disease, riddled with pain, heart-broken with loss, or overwhelmed by stress and anxiety especially when we really don't know Him. We designed the TIMFD Workbook to help us reinforce the six simple truths and apply them in our daily lives. We believe the workbook will be beneficial to you too! Join us on a quest to know God better, and in turn, learn to trust Him more. 

David & Tonya  

The TIMFD Workbook correlates with every chapter in the TIMFD Book. Each chapter is filled with Bible Study, probing questions, and home application homework to reinforce what you are learning through the book and workbook.


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TIMFD Workbook! 

Have you ever struggled to pray to God! I have, and I'm a pastor! During my struggle with cancer, I didn't have much to say to God and the things I wanted to say were, inappropriate, at best. I was #$&@%! But then I started writing down my prayers and, eventually, my anger disappeared. Those prayers became the TIMFD Prayer Book. So . . . if you are ticked off at God and need to begin a dialogue with Him or you just want to reconnect with Jesus again, then get the TIMFD Prayer Book. Come join me on this prayer journey and I promise to not say too many inappropriate things. LOL!


The TIMFD Prayer Book is filled with sixty prayers, Each prayer has corresponding Scripture and an area to write notes.