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"Receiving bad news is all about your attitude and how you respond to it. After reading his book, you, too, can have your best day ever."

John Harris, Culture Catalyst Pastor

Bayside Church, California


"God loves you. Don't let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise."

"Each day is a celebration of life and we decide if we'll join the party!"

"Each day is a celebration of life, and we decide if we'll join the party!"

Your outlook is everything....

Hi, I’m David and this is my wife Tonya. Thanks for visiting our site! We know your time is valuable and you could be searching or reading other articles, so we will get to the point....


During my journey with cancer, I struggled to deal with it because I was consumed with so many mixed emotions and thoughts.  I was struggling with:  

+ my FEARS, wondering if I would live

+my DOUBTS, wondering if God cared about me or  my struggle

+my ANGER, as my negative thoughts and frustrations consumed me

+my FUTURE, will my life ever be the same

+my PAST, as I had to let go of what used to be, or what I use to be able to do

+my PRESENT, as I had to work on living in the moment and doing what I could each day, one day at a time (this one is hard for an ex-athlete who used to be super active and could eat anything!)

I managed to escape death for now, but mentally the cancer was stealing my peace, joy, positive outlook, and hope...


I wrote about it from a raw and real perspective.  I don't sugar coat my struggle because I want others to know YOU are not alone no matter what health issues you might be going thru. It's my hope this book will encourage you to maintain a positive outlook & find a purpose to what you are going thru.


I have been a pastor for the past 23 years at The Harbor Church in Tampa, FL and let's just say I wasn't always acting like one. 


There were days I was acting like a typical two-year-old, throwing tantrums, while running around screaming at the world.

Eventually, when I grew tired of acting out and being in a dark place, God got my attention. He helped me to see the truth that I was not in control of this disease or the outcome, and I had a choice, stay in my dark place or invite God in to help me fight this battle going on in my mind.   


It was while I was in the hospital that "Today Is My Favorite Day" was born. It became a simple statement that I would practice saying out loud each day. Then I would repeat the 6 simple truths about who God is and His plan for me (which I talk about in my book).


Repeating these truths had a profound impact on my perspective BUT if I am being truthful, there were days I failed.   I still had days where I was having a full on whine fest.  (just ask Tonya)


The good news is, as I continued to practice speaking out the 6 simple truths I noticed that my whine fests become less frequent, as God truths captivated my mind and heart.  

If you need some inspiration and purpose to what you are going thru,  I hope you will consider purchasing my book. Before you do feel free to check out the first chapter, I have put it on this site for you to read for free.   


Just click on the home button at the top of the page, and in the drop down menu click on the TIMFD sample.  


I would love to pray for you, if you would like to sign up for my emails to be encouraged, receive future notifications, and be prayed for, please fill out the form below or follow me on my facebook page for more encouragement.  

In His Hands,

David and Tonya


"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." - Psalm 118:24

You hear people say, "Just trust God." Le'ts be honest, when you are fighting for your life, that statement can seems trite, and not very helpful.

I felt powerless, I wanted answers, and I wanted  to know it was going to be OK. But there wasn't anything anyone could say that could promise me anything.


This is when I knew I had to keep speaking out the 6 simple truths form Gods word daily. I needed to focus on a different truth if I wanted to keep from falling into the deep, dark, despair pit.  


Being able to focus on Gods truth helped me to stop demanding & begging for answers and begin the process to accept what I needed to face, as I waited for answers.


We created the TIMFD Workbook to help others  to focus on remembering the six simple truths as you awake each day.  It helped me and I believe can make a difference if you apply it. 

David & Tonya  

The TIMFD Workbook correlates with every chapter in the TIMFD Book. Each chapter is filled with Bible Study, probing questions, and home application homework to reinforce what you are learning through the book and workbook.


Purchase your copy

of the

TIMFD Workbook! 

Have you ever been so angry or felt so lost that you struggled with praying to God? I did when I was in the hospital. The sad thing is I have been a Pastor here in Tampa at The Harbor Church for 23 years, and now I am at a lost for words......not normal for us Pastors!!!!


So to help get myself in a better place I started to write down prayers each day of what I wanted to say to God. I never realized that I would be sharing them with others, but I still use them to help guide me in those moments I dont know what to say....or I am just having a really bad health day.


So . . . if you desire to begin a dialogue with Him or you just want to reconnect with Jesus again, then get the TIMFD Prayer Book.

Come join me on this prayer journey.


The TIMFD Prayer Book is filled with sixty prayers, Each prayer has corresponding Scripture and an area to write notes. 





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